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About Us

Trebisky Brands of Products

Our Game Show Buzzer System product line helps teachers and event planner facilitate a fair and fun Game Show Event. The systems are very portable and easy to setup. Don't let the small size and light-weight fool you, it was built with durability and reliability in the focus. So let the participant smash that buzzers! If anything happens, just reach out, we will always support you and offer reasonable replacement buttons. We guarantee it is the most reliable standalone buzzer system you will find.

The same goes for any of our products, rather it's a gag noise button or motorcycle decors. We built them to last. But when things happen, we aim to provide best customer support so our customers can be completely satisfied.

Since the launch of the game show buzzer system, the company has launched multiple product lines. We innovate and source the latest trends in home, health and fashion, giving you fabulous products at a great value.

Meet the Team
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